Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a hopeful start


Day 1 of my backyard container garden.
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two kinds of tomatoes, and cilantro seeds around the edge

tuscan blue rosemary, oregano, cuban basil, and lemon basil

cucumber plant, green bean and nasturtium seeds

yellow squash, yellow pepper, daylilies

I'm afraid the squash and pepper will eventually overtake the daylilies but they'll be pretty until then.


Travis said...


Katie and I's container gargen:
- two great basil plants (already made the first round of pesto)
- cilanto plant
- jalepeno plant
- oregano plany
- parsley plant
- a spider plant
- three planters of flowers, whose names we forgot!

So glad to see you all growing some plants, too :-)

Heidi said...

VERY fun! I'm jealous!

Michaela said...