Saturday, June 23, 2007

"pure, fresh, equitable, and simply outrageous"

My sister Jena is here for the summer, and we have already been discovering girly indulgences. We wandered up and down Connecticut Ave. near Dupont Circle yesterday, going into all the salons in search of the perfect shampoo. We happened upon a great little wine shop having a free tasting of four wines, each paired with a different chocolate truffle. The wines were mostly sweet and not my favorites on their own, but the pairings were excellent and the truffles themselves completely amazing. Krishon Chocolates makes everything by hand with only organic and fair trade ingredients. The "well-tempered chocolatier" even churns his own butter out of organic cream and juices his own fruit extracts. Some of the more exotic flavor choices include pomegranate, hibiscus, lemongrass, and lapsang souchong, along with the always scrumptious strawberry, ginger, and coffee. He also limits the amount of paper and plastic used in packaging. I'm not sure if the gentleman behind the table was the Main Man (although he talked about the production process in the first person) but he was exceedingly nice and I wish I could afford to patronize him regularly!

Brooks just walked up and asked what I am writing about. He writes long posts about Orthodox theology while I write short posts about chocolate. I guess the relationship has balance. I do probably think about theology more than he thinks about chocolate.


Brianna said...

Let's just be grateful Brooks doesn't think about chocolate as much as you think about theology! He would be quite rotund. ;-)

SEM said...

At least they didn't charge you for your samplings. I went to a wine shop around Valentine's Day to get a bottle for Nathan... I also picked up a box of truffles, but one of the flavors sounded weird, so I asked for a sample before I settled on purchasing the box. The guy gladly gave me a sample... and then proceeded to charge me $2.50 for the little square truffle. I was furious! At least TELL ME it's not a "Free sample" Sheesh.