Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a quick update

1. Yes, I did get all my hair cut off. Pictures will be forthcoming next week because...

2. We are going to Brooks' brother's wedding over the weekend.

3. Jena is planning a fabulous birthday party for me the weekend after that! We are hard at work already.

4. and the weekend after that, we're going to Philly to see my mom, who will be there for a jewelry trade show.

Maybe after that, I'll start thinking and blogging again.

Oh, but

5. our book club starts meeting tonight (thanks to Steve!). We are reading The Gospel in a Pluralist Society. Reflections may emerge in writing.


pollyemma said...

the party was fabulous indeed. I don't believe you've stopped thinking but please do start blogging again soon.

the Joneses said...

i love you miss dana!

(I have company in my blogging this morning. -- SJ)