Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day, or Am I Grown Up Yet?

Today I taught my first class. I was sick to my stomach for an hour beforehand and talked fast all the way through, but it seems to have gone off reasonably well.

When I arrived, the classroom was still occupied by the previous class and several freshmen were waiting in the hall. "Are you here for Greek?" they asked.

"Yes," said I.

"Are you an upperclassman?"

Well... I suppose you could say that. "Actually I'm teaching it..."

"OH. Sorry!" And they got wide-eyed and vaguely apologetic.

I guess I do at least look older than 18.

After that I had my own three classes (Athenian Empire, Survey of Greek Literature, and Latin Prose Composition)with only 10 minutes between each. One professor gave me permission to bring lunch to class, but I forgot that everything I eat for lunches these days is crunchy and the noise embarrassed me too much to eat it until later.

Then, in a final spurt of goodness and discipline (not to mention getting up at 7 to have coffee with Brooks before his early class), I went to the gym on campus. I hope this will become a reasonable MWF schedule that will keep me healthy and academically on-track most of the semester. Tuesday and Thursday of course are nap days. One can't expect too much.

Goodbye summer!

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SEM said...

Happy 1st anniversary to you and Brooks! Hope you both have a great Saturday celebrating.