Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twits... I mean Tweets

Blogging requires too much time and thought (although I still hold out hope of returning to it soon). Besides, having Followers is so flattering. I am now twitting... I mean tweeting (I can't get this term right!) under the name glaukopisdana. Glaukopis is a Homeric epithet for Athena; it means "bright-eyed" or "flashing-eyed"... or "owl-eyed" depending on your translation. I am studying for the Greek M.A. comps, after all.

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Rachelle said...

I have yet to give in to one more internet distraction....but I will probably get there. MJR tweets though. Sorry our conversation got cut off abruptly. Software Co. calling (returning my call from 3+ weeks ago). Over an hour and still not resolved and he promised to call back that afternoon and it is two days later. sigh.