Saturday, May 29, 2010

update on nothing much

The plants are growing nicely.

The carrot-feta salad from Smitten Kitchen is fab. I've made it twice this week because the first time I ate half of it while standing in the kitchen waiting for the kebabs to grill. And now I see that she has posted a shaved asparagus pizza. I just used up my gf pizza dough on a pesto-goat cheese flatbread! This must stop!

I have gone running 4 times this week. Yay new running shoes.

My dress from a 1939 pattern is almost finished. I hope to wear it to a party tomorrow in the Bumper Car pavilion at Glen Echo (part of a 1920s amusement park; alas, it no longer contains bumper cars).

My last few days off are here. I start teaching intensive Latin on Wednesday (3 hours a day, M-F, six weeks).

I bought my plane ticket to Strasbourg for the Summer School in Coptic Papyrology, in late July. I am staying 5 extra days and taking the train to Paris. I thought I would be there for my birthday, but I had the dates mixed up. So I'll actually be coming home the day before. Close enough though, and nothing to complain about!


em said...

Paris is something. :)

Dana said...

Paris is a muchness. I forgot about it when I wrote the original post, though.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I saw that recipe for the shaved asparagus pizza today too, independently of this post. :-) I'm going to make that carrot salad as well...but I'm not sure about the harissa. What did you think?

Dana said...

I thought the harissa was important. Mine wasn't super-spicy so it was just a little kick, subtle but a good balance to the sweetness of carrot. I'd say just do a little bit and see what you think.